Not the question you were expecting maybe?

Well at the moment Coronavirus is putting our lives, wishes and desires into sharp relief – so its a good question to ask!

It helps to prioritise what is important to us, and what is not…

There is nothing quite like having a prod to get you thinking and into action is there?

Our wishes and dreams can be many and varied, but without your health you are unlikely to be able to fulfill many of them.

Your health is also not an accident, although it may seem as though you cannot make an impact on it yourself, I would ascertain this is not true!

Clarity is the first step to making progress.

So what are YOUR priorities in life?

Let me give you a hint!

They are the GO TO options. ie there is NO negative statement in there e.g I don’t want to be ill or I don’t want to be in a wheelchair when I get older….. this may be more of a challenge!

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If you want a heads up to get your End of Life stuff sorted out NOW (don’t be scared, its sensible and important!) I have a day-long online course running on Weds 22nd April which is all about implementation and quite unique!

Go to the “Your End of Life Matters – The ONline Workshop” page here.

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