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Sometimes my clients have less musculo-skeletal issues and more whole body / lifestyle concerns. This is not a problem for an experienced Osteopath. We look at the whole person – not their symptoms.

This recommendation from a client helps to explain more:

In April 2021 I started to experience a peculiar burning sensation and pain in my lower back going into my stomach causing considerable bloating when sitting down.  It was a pain that was relatively low grade, maybe 4 out of 10, but constant 24/7.  This distracted me from doing my job and impacted on my day to day living.  The GP services handled my symptoms poorly via phone consultations, putting me on to antidepressants, and not providing answers, despite having blood tests and scans.

As the pain did not abate and even escalated, I started to withdraw from going out and lost interest in the things I enjoyed doing.  I felt extremely fatigued and every time I sat down the pain got worse causing anxiety and depression.  My family life was suffering, especially my marriage. I had counselling via NHS phone consultations but I was not moving forward.

I went to Gayle on the recommendation from one of her clients.  On my first appointment, despite being very emotional, Gayle was very kind and listened to everything that I had gone through.  At this time I was in a very dark place with my pains and my mental health.

I had the view that osteopaths were people who just manipulated your joints to improve your symptoms. Gayle changed my perspective on this.  She follows a holistic approach where pain can be controlled by looking at the way you treat your whole body, mind and soul.  She gave me treatment more akin to what I was expecting such as manipulating my spine, pelvis and joints however she also counselled me on my approach to pain.  One of the breakthrough moments was examining my diet.

For example, Gayle suggested that I went gluten free as a trial.  This has been extremely successful. In the last six weeks and I have lost 3 inches off my stomach.  I accidentally got exposed to gluten in this trial and that was a real eye opener.  Brain fog, headaches, bloating, upset stomach, depression symptoms but after four days this cleared.

Gayle also gave me help on dealing with pain which was stopping me from going to work and going out with family and friends.

I can now go to work without the anxiety of pain.  I have been out with my family on some pretty gruelling trips out which before I could not cope with.  I am happier in myself and pursuing my previous interests once more.  I have to listen to my body sure, don’t overdo it when I’m having a flare up – but I can push through now, rather than collapse in a heap.

I have been on quite a journey in the last five months and this still continues.  I am not totally free from pain but with Gayle’s holistic therapy my life is more akin to how I was before getting poorly. I have learned to live with pain and not to catastrophize what the pain might do.

I cannot recommend Gayle enough because she has helped me get my life back.   If I follow this new path I believe my pain, which is much improved, will leave me for good.

MF Bognor Regis.

As you can see – a one step, one fix approach would have been quite hopeless if had focussed on just the symptoms – a painful back and painful abdomen. This is because #OsteopathyWorks by looking at the WHOLE person, WHOLE situation, WHOLE landscape of what it takes to be human!

Addressing all the elements was an important, nay essential, aspect of getting a good and lasting result for this distressed client. Every aspect of his life externally and internally were “off” to a lesser or greater extent.

It was my job to get them to work towards health. This approach is not instant but it is successful. Getting my client to understand this and some of the ways we were going to take action was important right at the beginning. Raising hopes unrealistically just adds another layer of dis-ease.

One of the skills an osteopath has is to listen – to what and how the story is explained, but also to what isn’t spoken or addressed. Detailed consultations are necessary – and the answers are not all there at once. Sometimes peeling back layers, often un-noticed, brings more of the long forgotten story to the surface, which can then be addressed and healed.

Adaptation, the name given to how we get through life even with its up and downs, is essential for health. How well we do this can determine many aspects of our life. Osteopaths are adaptive masters, if you like!

If this resonates with you – or you know someone who you think Osteopathy and this approach to health may help – please pass on my details. Did you know – I offer free of charge, mini 10 minute consultations to assess whether I can help? Thank you for looking out for others.

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Your health IS my priority.

© Gayle Palmer Sept 2021 Living Elements Clinic

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