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‘Flu’ and Coronavirus symptoms look similar to detoxing – but why is that?

Well, that’s quite simple – its because they are detoxing and cleaning!

  • Your body is at a low ebb – so you become susceptible to “bugs” – bacteria and viruses
  • The level of toxcity in your body is high and it is exhausting for your body to manage any longer
  • Your body has a massive clean up – through all its varied elimination channels

Skin, internal mucous membranes – saliva, nose, tonsils and adenoids lungs, colon, gut, kidneys and bladder all help to clear and clean!

The symptoms we experience include:

  • colds
  • cough
  • pleuritic
  • changed urine – smell, colour, consistency
  • more and varied stools (usually) from your “normal”
  • increased and foetid sweat
  • sore throat
  • sticky saliva
  • viscous ear wax!
  • pyrexia (higher temperature)
  • the shakes – due to the fever
  • delerium – due to fever (rare)
  • .. and there are more.

In this video Gayle Palmer explains what is going on, what you can do about it and how to augment and encourage this cleaning process vs try to resist it or suppress it.

The equinoxal changes are when we do the most cleansing… as the seasons change. Spring and Autumn cleaning is perfectly natural and healthy.


At this time, believe it or not, having an Osteopathic treatment and dietary / exercise / postural advice helps the whole process!

The treatment is light, as your body is already at “full stretch” but it helps to loosen up any restrictions to the cleaning, and allows for a deeper, thorough cleanse.

It is VERY important to allow your body to complete the cleanse fully, even if you don’t like feeling unwell. This will quickly pass and you will realise that not only did your body have a good Spring clean but you eliminated many toxic chemicals (and sometimes emotions) at the same time!

If you want more advice to your personal circumstances, or want some help to “kick butt” with the bugs and toxins – make an appointment.


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