Post natal / partum Osteopathic checkups as soon after delivery make a world of difference in those early days and weeks.

Dear Gayle

We just had our first breast feed for 1/2 hour and she went straight to
sleep ­ – good latch and sucks!!  THANK YOU!!  I am feeling like myself again.
I feel relaxed and in control and above all VERY HAPPY!!!

Physically I am mobile and energetic with reduced need for pain killers.
Mentally I feel that the emotional roller-coaster I was on has gone.
Hermione is also content between feeds and only cries for feeding and changing.

We are a very happy family now, thank you for your help.

See attached pics for your website.

Kind Regards


Fran Richardson MA

© Fran Richardson 2011 March 2011

Member of the General Osteopathic Council

Gayle writes: It is always such a privilege to treat new families – both the Mum and baby. Early checkups – a few hours, days or week or two can help everyone to settle, get back to a less surprised life (the turmoil of emotions, energies, hormones, expectations etc can be amazing!) and enjoy those first few early weeks and months. Hopefully it reassures, educates and aids recovery on many levels all at the same time for all the participants – baby, Mum and rest of the family. It is never too early to bring a child to see me, the earlier the better really, especially if challenging patterns can be eased before they become more set.

This is one of the reasons why I offer a special Mum and Baby Cranial Osteopathic Checkup Package which is especially liked by grandparents and friends who want to help but may be too far away or don’t know what else to do to help them directly. Especially at a time when finances are stretched. See gift vouchers on the online shop for the post natal checkup voucher.

Gayle has worked in the paediatric and obstetric / gynae field since 1989 ie before she graduated in a special Osteopathic Mum and Babies Clinic!

If you aren’t sure whether you could benefit, give her a call on 01243 641665 for a brief chat so she can assess whether it may be useful to come for a full consultation and explore what may be possible from there.

© Gayle Palmer D.O. March 2011-19

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