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Normally, Gayle's Osteopathic surgery is open Monday, Tuesdays and Thursdays only. 8am-7pm.
If I am not in...leave a message on the ansaphone. Thanks. I WILL call back as long as the number is clearly spoken. - 01243 641665.
You can collect any supplements you need at these times or order in person (by phone) or online and they will be sent to you. Thank you.
Please note fees are £55 for a new patient, £50 for continuing treatments. There are no concessions. Payment by cash, cheque or Debit card ONLY at the time of your visit please.

World Osteopathy Week

It is World Osteopathic Healthcare Week - 15th to 21st April 2018. This is great time to find out more about the breadth and scope of this unique therapy and the science behind it.

This is a great time to call your local Osteopath - Gayle Palmer D.O. for a complimentary 10min phone consultation to see if she can help you with your symptoms and also for her to assess whether thiis is the right course of action for you too. The number to call is 01243 641665. Osteopaths treat such a diverse range of people and their life's challenges it is hard to know where ot start, but... if you have never consulted an Osteopath before maybe that is as good a place to start as any.

Firstly, you can self-refer. You do NOT need to have seen a doctor or nurse first. We are trained to be diagnose and examine to exclude serious pathologies (illness) in the same way GP's are.

Secondly when you come in you will be asked a detailed medical history so that the Osteopath can gain a whole person approach to your health, and ultimately your treatment. This is where we are very different to mainstream medicine. This helps the Osteopath to piece together what has happened to systems that are related to each other e.g. a foot problem can lead to headaches! How?... Well by walking differently your spine adjusts to compensate. With the altered blood supply and uneven distribution of muscle tension from the upper back to the neck, the tightness can pinch some nerves which supply the sub-occipital muscles - those little ones just at the back of the skull, which can lead to tension headaches. It is the Osteopaths job to find and understand these relationships, and then to know what to do about them!

The body, mind and emotions work as a whole - each contributing to the whole. For ease of understanding we separate and name as humans! It isn't always so helpful! YOUR HEALTH is MY PRIORITY! Don't put up with pain - see me soon! Gayle Palmer


Will I have to dis-robe?

Yes, this is likely, especially on your first visit - as the spatial relationship and differences in symmetry are an important guide to what is going wrong for the Osteopath. But, you won't be naked! You will keep your underwear on (Fresh on that morning is always preferred!). You may also wish to have had a shower or bath before visiting - for everyone's appreciation.

What sort of treatment do you do?

Gayle uses a very wide-range of treatment techniques and exactly what and which ones will ONLY be determined on the day. There is no prescriptive treatment - it is ALL individualised and unique to YOU! The range can include although this is not a complete list.

  • exercises
  • stretching of muscles and joints
  • mobilising joints rhythmically
  • manipulation - sometimes a "crack" can be heard as the joint pressure releases - this does NOT hurt, it's just noisy! A bit like a firework but without the pretty lights!
  • Cranial techniques - much more subtle and gentle but no less effective
  • dietary changes
  • lifestyle changes
  • life and mind coaching
  • massage techniques

What is your training like?

Your Osteopath is highly trained. They have had at least 4 years studying with both practical and theoretical work. The basic training is very similar to a doctors, but Osteopaths specialise more on the manual arts.

What are the basic premises of Osteopathy?

We are looking for the HEALTH IN THE PATIENT, not for the disease. The disease state is merely a symptom of an underlying problem.

Osteopaths try to find the CAUSE and treat that by utilising the body's inherent healing capabilities. By eliminating the cause, the SYMPTOMS dissipate or become more manageable. The symptoms can occur on many levels e.g pain, loss of amenity, anxiety, food bingeing, loss of concentration, loss of confidence etc.

If you have found this useful please refer it on to your friends and family.

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If YOU feel you could do with some Osteopathic treatment or just an "MOT" - then CALL GAYLE on 01243 641665 now.


Here is my current BROCHURE to download too.

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