Once in a while you receive excellent service and advice – but how often do you then get the opportunity to really thank that service provider? Well you can now 😉

As a therapist and carer for many people, once I have “done my job” and played my part in your healing and improved health – you get discharged and go off into the world – and I never hear how things went!

It can be quite annoying – and then life gets in the way for me – I forget to ring up and find out; or other things happen and it gets put on the back burner to never resurface!

BUT – that doesn’t mean I don’t want to know! (And others may be nosey too..)

So, IF YOU HAVE RECEIVED GREAT SERVICE from GAYLE PALMER please take a few moments to write a review!

  • This is a gift for Gayle and stops her pondering about what happened next..
  • May help someone else in a similar situation who you will never meet or find out about
  • Helps to give back in a small kindness
  • Re-presences for you the benefits of Osteopathy and completes the circle.

Here are some ways to do this by using these links:

Write a Google review 

Write a LinkedIn review: https://www.linkedin.com/company/gayle-palmer-d.o./

Write a Facebook review: https://www.facebook.com/LivingElementsClinic/reviews/

Yell.com review: https://www.yell.com/editbusiness/0040624210/20/reviews/requestreview

Simply write a review here! You can out it on the comments underneath this post.

  • You could put in what happened to make you come to visit
  • What you had or hadn’t done before making the appointment with Gayle
  • How the treatment went for you and your experience
  • The benefits of the treatment
  • If you would recommend her to someone else

On behalf of all those who this may touch – THANK YOU for taking the time to do this.


Place your healing in my hands…

Gayle Palmer

Echo the standard poodle is the clinic receptionist.

© Living Elements Clinic 2019

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