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It’s the big Christmas decorating weekend – and in the excitement we can take shortcuts or not think it through – and accidents happen. Let’s not have that happen to you…

So what happens??

Well you need to get the tree – either from the loft or a forecourt somewhere… Its has to be hefted into or onto the car, then out again! Then you have to set it up on a base, and make sure it is stable – think children, climbing cats, over excited “funny-5-minutes” dogs etc..

All this before you can get the baubles and tinsel and other decs out of the loft on the rackety ladder and through a space that is clearly smaller than last year! Don’t forget to avoid head bumps on the rafters or slips when you mis-judge the number of steps whilst being unable to see where you are going!

The lights don’t work and as you overstretch whilst standing on a chair or stool things get wobbly, because you didn’t take the time to move the stool as you worked your way around the tree decorating.

Finally! After hours of bending, stretching and grumpiness as you wrestle order into the chaos of boxes…your back goes into spasm! Gaaaaarrrrrhhh!

It’s a recipe for trouble really isn’t it? How do you help prevent this? STRETCH OUT before you start and plan better. 🙂

Here is a video I created earlier which should help with some stretches and advice to keep you safer. CLICK THE LINK BELOW

In short:

  1. warm up and stretch before lifting boxes, climbing ladders and over stretching!
  2. Think safety first!
  3. How to work at heights – work smarter not harder

Hopefully this will stand you in good stead…and of course, once all the gaiety is over – you need to stretch before and after starting the decoration packing away too!

And, if you do get stuck…get in touch asap – if there aren’t any appointments showing on the booking system – CALL and I can put you on the waiting list. 01243 641665 as appointments are at a premium   😉

Your health IS my priority – have a wonderful Christmas and New Year.

All the best,

Gayle and Echo.

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