Alcohol – what a BIG subject!

What a lot of preconceived ideas and actions it comes with too! Have you noticed – you have strong opinions about this?!

What a year to have this awareness month too!

When I was pondering this – it occurred to me that many of my thoughts, opinions, concerns and concepts were based from the past. That is to say – I learnt them from others / the news / books etc!

I count myself as lucky that I have a very un-addictive personality and can happily take or leave alcohol at will. Indeed I do not like the feeling of not being moderately well in control of myself. I am also highly sensitive to grains – so all beers, ales and whiskey is totally “out” as they make me unbelievably weak, feeble and sleepy (within minutes even after a tiny sip!). It’s not a bad thing!

Clearly I have some patients who “like a drink” at the weekend; some who have a glass of wine (or two) with their evening meal; others for whom the weekend has become every day; and a few who are clearly being poisoned and made ill by their addiction to various types of alcohol, in large quantities. This makes me sad.

What category do you fall into? Be honest, I can’t hear!

I think, for me as an Osteopath and human, there are a few things that are important to consider in the context of consuming alcohol.

Firstly – DO NOT HARM to other people by your actions.

This could be in connection to drink-driving; or from mental / emotional / physical abuse of someone else when under the influence; or from having the money that is needed for food and other essential bills for yourself or your family – to be spent on alcohol.

One of the saddest effects I think are car accidents due to drunk drivers – with or without the influence of other drugs – causing death and maiming to complete innocents. Their whole communities’ lives are never the same again.

If the drinking leads into these categories it is time to ‘fess up – and GET PROFESSIONAL HELP.

Secondly – If you are feeling increasingly unwell – physically or mentally – it is time to take a long hard look at what is driving your willingness to be unhappy / seek comfort in a depressive / addictive short-term solution.

I am clear that right at the moment – “drowning your sorrows and fear” in drink – is NOT going to help anyone. And I know that, that course of action could be a big draw right now…

This can be hard – and again its best to do this WITH someone else – an honest friend who will tell you the truth or a professional, incl your doctor.

One of the biggest warning signs that things have gone too far – is your ability to get angrey at the drop of a hat! Its a sign of liver poisoning / disease!

Other symptoms include:

Being irritable, feeling fatigued, having night sweats, clubbed fingers, IBS and other bowel disturbances, chronic indigestion, abdominal discomfort from a swollen liver, easy bruising, jaundice, itchy skin, loss of appetite (and more..) are all signs of liver disease and possible cirrhosis (a type of liver failure).

Please do not brush off these signs – your body is trying to tell you some important information. By taking appropriate action you CAN reverse the effects of liver damage if its taken early enough.

If you are clear that you may be at risk – use this link to a simple online tool where you can assess how your health is:

Ultimately what you drink, and how often (and if is in conjunction with other chemicals – smoking, prescription drugs, narcotics, caffeine etc), is entirely up to you.

Recently there have been new guidelines brought out about “safe drinking limits”. They are useful to know:

As an Osteopath I am sometimes asked to help my patients reduce / stop their alcohol habit. I am honest at the outset – the result will rest and fall with their own determination!

Osteopathically there are a number of very effective techniques to help your body, and especially your liver, de-tox as well as more general treatments. They aren’t all pleasant, but they don’t take long to perform, although this may need to be repeated over time as its not a one-treatment cure.

  1. I have to get your liver (and kidneys) cleaned up so that the poisons can be eliminated.
  2. I need to help your sluggish lymphatic system (part of your circulation) to move faster.
  3. I need to boost your immune system – as liver damage and cleansing depletes your reserves.
  4. I have to help your nervous system recover, especially your brain to make healthier decisions!
  5. I need to help your heart and general circulation so you can eliminate the poisons  efficiently with as little damage to other organs as possible.
  6. I need to improve your lungs to keep the flow of oxygen up[ to speed.
  7. I need to advise on good nutrition – some things may surprise you! I may also recommend some specific supplements to help your body recuperate and strengthen.
  8. I may refer you to other therapists – on or off the NHS who can help in other ways
  9. I need to encourage your persistence and determination to change your probable, almost certain future of liver disease.
  10. I need to work with you and your circumstances!

All in all – #OsteopathyWorks! and there is usually plenty I can help with to get you back to health.

No-one wants you to have a sorry tale of car accidents / injuries etc. No-one wants to see your family broken up because of your actions when under the influence. No-one wants to see you ill – on any level.

So – if you do need help – make an appointment – and lets see what we can do together. You aren’t on your own.

Your Health IS My Priority!

Make your health a priority for you too!

© Living Elements Clinic 2020

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