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Car accidents can cause a wide range of symptoms and after effects even though, at the time if the incident, seemingly you walked away OK – maybe more emotionally surprised than anything else.

Its not a surprise – your body firstly has to ensure that you survive a trauma and get clear of danger – the healing and recovery is secondary.

This is the tale of one of my clients – Richard – who has recently had a not-at-fault nasty accident. But let me allow Richard to tell you more…

Can you see how initially he thought all was well?

Then over the next few days his physical symptoms came to the fore – in fairly obvious places where he had experienced the most forces,

  • forearms and thumbs from the steering wheel bracing
  • neck – whiplash
  • low back and ribs
  • chest – seat belt compression and rotation

Plus more and more emotional and mental releases also happened as he processed the impact.

Think – what did you learn from listening? What will you be aware of if you or a friend is involved in an accident themselves? What will you look out for?

What ACTIONS will you take to help yourself?

The correct answer here is:

CALL your 4th emergency service ASAP – Your OSTEOPATH! 01243 641665

Prompt treatment and intervention can reduce further trauma and compensations, as well as getting you back to health far more quickly.

Osteopathy’s guiding principles and their application – structure governs function; the nerve and blood supplies are of primary importance are what assists your Osteopath to make seemingly amazing recovery results!

NB – you should have this paid for by the insurance cover – even if there may be a delay. You will need to keep receipts of payment. It is possible to have Osteopathic treatment “on account”. Speak to Gayle if this is appropriate.

Now you also know that Osteopaths treat whiplash and car accident traumas successfully!

Your health IS my priority! Place your healing in my hands.

© Gayle Palmer January 2021. Living Elements Clinic.

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