First and foremost you need to realise that breast health can be largely determined by WHAT you do on a regular basis and What you DON’T DO. Plus – you also get to choose – you are in control! The sooner you change some of your actions (esp the younger you do this – so education is paramount) the better the statistics are.

None of my Top 7 tips are difficult for anyone and EACH will make a significant difference – and your doctor will only mention one of them, if that! To help prevent breast cancer:

  1. DO NOT WEAR under-wired bras!

Why? I hear you ask.

The wires in these bras come upwards towards the side of the breast and the armpit. In fact, they can dig in quite markedly and leave an imprint. The breast drains 3/4 of itself up into the armpit via the blood and lymphatic system – This is why when you self-examine your breasts regularly or have a mammogram, you must always check for lumps in the armpit too. If the lymph nodes get clogged here (and there are LOTS of lymph nodes in this important area) and there is either a physical restriction of the drainage (wired bras) or chemical poisoning (deodorants), you are MUCH MORE LIKELY to get breast cancer. It’s as simple as that!

Think about it – you wear a bra for 18 hours a day, all your adult life! If that isn’t going to have an impact on your delicate breast tissue then nothing will!

“But I need some more support.”

“Non underwired bras aren’t pretty.”

“I don’t want to have B.O.”

“I don’t want to be the odd one out.”

“It doesn’t matter, it won’t happen to me. I feel OK.”

I know all of that, but you REALLY don’t want to have breast cancer, radiotherapy, chemotherapy or mastectomies either! It not only chews you up mentally and physically but the rest of your family and friends too.

Plus there are some great non-underwired bras available now – try Marks and Spencers. And they are even for the larger lady too – G, J sizes etc!!! Yes, they feel different – less restrictive, but you quickly get used to them. Save the wired ones for special occasions only!

Don’t think that this only applies to women either. Whilst breast cancer is the most common cancer in the UK -Nearly 1 in 3 of all cases of cancers in women are breast cancer. Men can also develop breast cancer but this is much more rare. In contrast to the figure of nearly 46,000 for women, around 300 men are diagnosed with breast cancer each year in the UK.

More than 1,000 women die from the disease every month in the UK.

On a more positive note, it is estimated that 80% of women diagnosed with breast cancer in England and Wales will survive for at least five years. (Statistics are from  If you hadn’t guessed – under-wired bras are my pet gate!


Sweating is a natural process. It has several purposes that are beneficial. It contains sodium chloride (common salt) and urea, and as such is used as a way of excreting waste nitrogenous matter through the sweat glands. It also acts as a blood coolant. As the sweat evaporates, it cools the large blood vessels just under the surface in the armpit.

When you use a deodorant or anti-perspirant you are effectively stopping this natural and healthy process from occurring. There are many chemicals contained within most products that make them more effective, some though are harmful and some are actually toxic.  Two in particular are parabens and aluminimum.

Parabens are used to increase the shelf-life of a product by stopping microbial growth. They are found in various chemical states, eg. ethyl-paraben, methyl- and butyl- and often in multiples. They pass easily across the skin barrier into the body itself.

They are put into:

  • cosmetics, including mascara
  • shampoos
  • preservatives

They cause

  • skin reactions and redness
  • allergies
  • are highly toxic

Aluminimum, another ingredient in deodorants, is there because it acts as a caking agent in the armpit, literally causing a physical barrier to the sweat coming out.

It is found in:

  • pearly eye-shadow makeup
  • toothpaste as an abrasive agent
  • bathroom products
  • salt and milk powder as an anti-caking agent!
  • saucepans, which then leave residues on your food.

The side-effects of using aluminimum-based deodorants are:

  • corneal damage
  • asthma
  • linked to cancer, especially breast
  • dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease
  • it is a chemical toxin

Fortunately, there ARE alternatives to these products –

To maintain good under-arm health:

  1. Wash regularly with plain water or using soaps that DO NOT contain these chemicals. Use Green People products.
  2. Use a deodorant that does not contain these chemicals. Again, use Green People products. They will not reduce the amount of sweat, but will act as an effective deodorizer.
  3. Shave your under-arm hair regularly. This reduces the surface area that the sweat will seep into, thereby reducing the smell. Often, over time this will also reduce the amount that you actually sweat, as the body is having fewer toxins and waste products to eliminate any way!

(Green People products are available from the clinic directly or the website


This highly purified, exceptionally high quality fish oil supplement is unique in that it contains ALL 8 of the Omega-3 oil family-members.

  • It has high anti-inflammatory effects – which reduces all your risks for heart attacks, cancer, strokes etc
  • It reduces your risks of all types of cancer, but especially breast and prostate cancers
  • It is a WHOLE food – there aren’t contraindications to taking it (unless you have blood thinning drugs eg Warfarin, as it also thins the blood, but the drugs can be moderated)
  • It lowers your cholesterol levels by 20% in just 8 weeks – which is better than most statins and without the side effects.

 Buy it at the clinic as it is NOT available in the shops and never has been. The same company – GNLD – also produce a range of exceptional wholefood supplements, weight management, skin care and homecare products. see the website for more info.

4. Regularly self-breast examine

Learn how to look after yourself, learn how to do a breast examination and DO IT every month (men included).

5. Dry skin brush to move the lymph

Do daily skin brushing to help move your lymph about and keep the tissue healthy, brushes and instructions from the clinic. Dry skin brush and instructions here:


6. Exercise regularly

Take more exercise regularly – even a longer walk from the car to work / shops helps.

7. Eat whole foods where possible and drink plenty of water daily.

It’s not difficult to help your ongoing health and you will feel healthy at the same time – what a bonus!

If you want to have a personalised chat with me – book an

appointment. Just scan this in and go from there.. it’s simple!

If you are worried about finding lumps or other odd signs – make an appointment with your GP. It is better to get clarity.

Your health IS my priority!

© Gayle Palmer D.O. Osteopath March 2012-19

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