Holiday times tend to increase the number of small accidents people have as you are often in unfamiliar places; tending to small grandchildren etc. It is part of life… but you can still do some simple things to help yourself to recover more quickly from bumps and bruises (even fractures!) 

Homeopathy is especially useful for minor injuries and are safe, surprisingly effective for all ages and in low doses will not have a bad effect with pharmacological medications. More people should keep a few basics nearby, especially if you have children.

ARNICA – traditionally an “eye remedy” this one is best known for its effects with shock and bruising. You can apply it topically, but taken internally as a tiny pillule it is even more effective. It is just as effective when you see an accident (eye remedy remember!) as being the one who is injured. Its also great both pre and post operatively – speeds recovery.

HYPERICUM –  A good one for shock and “sharp” injuries and crushes eg fingers slammed into doors.. It can also be a general shock remedy. It can also be used as a remedy on the mental spectrum of uses – for mild depression.

They can easily be found singly in chemists, and we always have them to purchase from the clinic too. We also stock larger kits for childbirth and first aid purposes.

Also works well for nose bleeds.

Of course the easy to remember acronym R I C E will also help:

R = Rest

I = Ice

C = Compression

E = Elevate

By doing this simple first aid routine, especially the ice and compression over a bad bruise it will halt or slow down the internal bleed (what causes the bruise) and hence reduce its severity.

If the patient has various blood disorders – eg  haemophilia you may also need to seek medical help – pharmacist / doctors / nurse for more specialist advice.

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