Peas are an undervalued vegetable which we so often take for granted. So during the #GreatBritishPeaWeek let us make the most of this nutritious, versatile vegetable!

Here are some ideas of things to do with them –

Fritattas, omelettes, pea and mint soup, pea and ham soup, salads, rice dishes, lasagnes, samosas.

These fabulous little are full of Vitamin C amongst other nutrients.

Here is the full video transcript for you too:


By Gayle Palmer


Hi. It’s Gayle Palmer here from the Living Elements Clinic.

This is going to be a slightly weird one because I am actually down at the beach. I am down at Selsey Bill, down by the lifeboat station and in fact, there is the life boat. But, the reason I come on is it is great British Pea Week this week and I happened to go down with the dog to one of the local fields mainly yesterday in the rain and checked out some of the peas which are I have to say beginning to be sensational. The more recent rain we have has really got them to swell and they are sweet tasting and fabulous.

So, I just want to come on briefly and it is partly a follow-up from one of the videos I did a little while ago about eating lots of vegetables and because peas are fabulous.

Pretty much, everybody likes a pea. Let us face it. Who would not like one of those little green muscles of deliciousness?

But they are so versatile and they contain a handful of vitamins and nutrients that we need for our good health. So, it is really just a plea to eat more peas to be honest.

And we have a fabulous climate here in the British channels for pea growing. They are high quality and although we get most for our peas frozen because actually they lose sweetness really quickly once they have been picked. So, they get them into the freezers within an hour or so of them coming out from the field which is really essential to maintain the nutrition and the texture of the pea, and the goodness of the pea.

If you have any need to increase your daily allowance of preferably ten portions of fruit and vegetables, (I know it is a lot), think of the humble pea – that remarkably cheap chap in the supermarkets they are fabulous!

So, you can do sorts of things with peas, as well as just boiling them.

  • You can put them into omelettes.
  • You can put them into frittatas.
  • You can make fabulous pea soup and I would recommend what I do. I put in two handfuls of peas into some vegetable stock with some mint and just heat up briefly. Six to eight minutes, something like that. Oh, it is the most fabulous soup. Gorgeous feeling.
  • Often you see, traditional pea and ham soup is the thickest soup. Again, completely delicious.
  • You put them into salads.
  • Have them to rice dishes.
  • Put them into lasagnas. You can do all sorts of things.
  • Make little patties out of them.
  • Samosas – all sorts of things that you can do with your peas.

So, give it a go. Give it a well and really enjoy great British Pea Week this week. Thanks.

© Gayle Palmer, Living Elements Clinic

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