GAM!! – It stands for:




We can ALL look out for and create these – we just need to practice.

But doing this as a daily practice has a huge upside – it improved our mental health, stability and feeling of self-worth.

It takes just a few minutes a day, you just need to remember.

If that is a problem – here is a top tip: Put a post-it note opposite your toilet – so you see it morning and night! G.A.M.

First thing in the morning – write down three things you are grateful for. Could be tiny, could be huge!

During the day, if things get a bit crazy – find something to to appreciate right now – send a text to someone maybe or post on social media – to have it be real for you too – it could also help them! This part brings you back to the present, not somewhere else!

Last thing at night – consider what little miracles occurred during your day. Anything! Could be a bird sang to you in your garden, or some unexpected money arrived (even a free voucher!) or a bee landed on your shoulder and just sat..

If you journal – even better – write these down. You will be amazed what momentous things do happen, that before you would have stepped over or completely forgotten about!

This very simple exercise helps your mental health by having you be PRESENT vs in your head! It really works!

In the comments below – write how this has helped you – or what Ah-ha! moment this has given you. Thank you.

Your Health IS My Priority!

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