Are you feeling broken-hearted for some reason?

Maybe through a relationship splitting up, a loss or bereavement – human, pet or even a loss of belonging – eg you have had to move away from a house or community?

This can have wide-spread reactions on you. You can be upset and crying or getting angry and resentful and more…

It could also result in a tightness in your body as emotional or mental patterns get locked into your muscles and tissues. Some organs are well known for reducing their function due to certain emotions e.g. the heart when love is involved; kidneys for grief and loss; liver for anger and resentment etc.

Osteopathy can help release these pent up patterns, and the mental and emotional trauma that they represent.

Don’t think that they are all occur immediately either… these areas of tightness can remain unresolved for decades! That is why EARLY INTERVENTION with cranial Osteopathy can be so beneficial.

You don’t have to carry them around with you!

This tightening can change your posture and alter your long term mental health and resilience too! It is not to be taken lightly.

If you think this may relate to you or a friend – please be encouraged to make an appointment and get this eased out and the trauma ameliorated.

If you like – it is a way to gently unburden the body and mind – so you can live your best life – not one constrained by old upset and incidences. Good idea huh?

Your Health IS My Priority!

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