Whilst I was talking to a group of Osteopaths, we were discussing how the effects of Coronavirus and Lockdown will effect you going forward – our lovely clients, and what we will be seeing so much more of now.

We can already predict that people’s nervous systems are going to be traumatized. Obesity and poor emotional eating habits are another concern, and many more… We can “see” what symptoms “will be walking in”!

We were brain-storming how we, as extraordinary healers,  can make an impact and I coined a phrase – #GetBackToLife. We could see that for many life had been on pause or worse – stopped!

Everyone needs to get back to ignition! Osteopaths have an important role to play with this.

We were a very small group – just 20 or so, and my profession is tiny really – under 5,000 in the UK. But – this is a national and global need – so we need your help, please! If you see an opportunity to add this hashtag (#) to a post or comment when you see it is appropriate – please use it. I am passion that everyone realises that trying to return to the past, and continue with the way things were – is NOT going to work!

We are not the same people as we were. There are also completely different energies changing right now – and they are changing our physical structure and brains! I can feel it already starting in my clients, and for myself!

This represents an amazing opportunity to grow and develop ourselves – however “old” we may be. NOW is the time to get educated in a totally different way. Most people can now use multi-person calls – e.g. on Zoom, or Whatsapp groups etc – and found that they are fabulous ways to keep in touch with family and friends and colleagues. Education will increasingly go this way too.

There is, and will be, an increasing number of online courses available, that you can benefit from, all without moving from your own home.. thereby saving travel and accommodation and food costs at the same time. You will be able to learn and increase your skills and make new ventures and promises to yourself and the World in a whole new way! Be prepared to participate and pay for these – they are the way forward.

It’s a brave new world – and it would be smart to embrace it – because otherwise you may get left behind.

The idea of #GetBackToLife is about a variety of things. This is not an exhaustive list!

Self care and healthcare will become an increasingly important aspect of people’s priorities.

Communication with family and friends – even if it may still not be face-to-face – has taken on more importance.

Clarity about what your purpose in life may be (and if you don’t know what this may be – having a coaching conversation with Gayle Palmer would be a great way to discover this together). This can literally “GIVE YOU LIFE” – as it can create such a fabulous pathway to go down.

Education and growth and development will become a commonplace enterprise for everyone – as we are no longer restricted to time or location necessarily. You can really stretch the boundaries!

Self responsibility and self determination will need working on and at – but along with integrity is a key need for humans to have a life that they truly love.

Expansion and enrollment in life – and all its myriad of possibilities will have you create a rich and extraordinary life – which may not look the same as it was or may have been.

Sounds exciting doesn’t it? And IT IS!

The one thing that has to happen though – is that YOU take it on, like a project or a new coat. It starts and ends with you…

YOU need to be willing to expand, learn, grow and take immediate and massive action 🙂

Are you ready to do this? Are you willing to do this?

Doesn’t mean you won’t fall sometimes – but like all children know (and adults forget), you just pick yourself on and “Carry on”.

Let me give you an example…

You may end up working from home more often, or even full-time. Put the energy and resources into getting a good home office set up. Pay for me to make an ergonomic assessment of what you need or how to adjust things – it will save you time, pain and possibly appointments at the Osteopaths too! Will it be perfect? Not necessarily.. it depends what we have to work around but stop trying to work on your laptop slouched on an ancient sofa (..and expect your mind and body to work well).

If you want me to check out your home office – get in touch – give me a call! 01243 641665. In person is best, but virtual may also work!

#GetBackToLife is just a start – join me as we journey together 🙂

If you have found this interesting please comment on the post below. Thank you.

You are also welcome to share to your friends etc too.

© Gayle Palmer June 2020


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