Hayfever seems to be striking many at the moment as the trees and early shrubs come into flower along with some grasses that seem to have some of their timings upset by the odd weather we have been having.

The usual symptoms are:

  • red, stinging or itchy eyes;
  • a streaming cold;
  • sometimes itchy skin;
  • lethargy; and
  • flu-like feelings for some.

It’s not pleasant and can seriously deplete the sufferers ability to function and think normally. For most it passes within a few weeks, but is also associated with an increase in ASTHMA and eczema symptoms that can be more of a problem.

The cause: An increase in allergens eg tree pollen, grass pollen, cat or dog hairs or house dust mite or strawberries etc. Allergenic substances cause an increase in your inflammatory reaction, which, as your body tries to eradicate the substance causes inflammation and pain and redness and swelling and localised heat etc

Medical wisdom tries to dampen down this natural and healthy response by your body to the allergen. This is with specific anti-inflammatories, in particular anti-histamines. Histamines are part of the inflammatory chain of chemical reactions. When they get out of control, they cause inflammation and pain if this inflammation is in a localised area.

Pharmaceutical Anti-histamines tone down the inflammatory response but the cost is often extreme tiredness as they also interfere with other healthy functions.

But, there ARE NATURAL anti-inflammatories that do just the same job, often more effectively and without the side effects! One of these is GNLD’s Salmon Oil because the highly purified and balanced Omega-3 oils (ALL 8 of them) dampen down the histamine reactions and the arachidonic acid levels that cause the inflammation to start with!

Hayfever can blight lives often for weeks. Why not do something to help yourself out?

The usual recommended dosage is 3 capsules a day with food. During the hayfever period it is SAFE to increase to 6 or more capsules a day. THIS medicine is food, so you can happily adjust how much you take by your symptoms on the day. How good is that?! Plus the salmon oils side effects are ALL more benefits to the heart, and circulation and cancer reducing properties too!

To buy yours now – call me at the clinic … Try out the results for yourself NOW!

I hope that helps. If you are coming into the clinic in the next few days, you can collect your Salmon Oil in person, it’s just £28.00 per pot.

© Gayle Palmer D.O. 2013 Osteopath and Health Promotor

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