Many people are on medication for life due to high blood pressure and other circulatory conditions. This is sad..

What would it be like if you were able, with a few small daily changes, make a difference to the occurrence of heart issues and heart attacks? It is after all the BIGGEST cause of death in the USA, (next is cancer).

Gayle Palmer D.O., the Osteopath at the Living Elements Clinic near Chichester provides some information and top tips to make that difference – for life!

Let’s get real – taking the “Magic Pills” from the Doctor is NOT the only, nor possibly the best way to get ad stay healthy! They can cause a raft of other concerns – natural remedies can make all the difference though!

Here is the transcript:

Heart Health and Heart attacks

By Gayle Palmer

Now, a video for Men’s Health Week and I am on a bit of roll at the moment, so it is a bad luck if you aren’t!…

Gayle Palmer here from the Living Elements Clinic in Sidlesham.

I am the local osteopath in the area. And today’s theme is about heart health and heart attacks in particular.

So, you are more risk if you are a heavy drinker and if you smoke. We have all heard that before. Have we not? Does this make any difference? No! Not for most people because they like doing those “other things”.

What does though?… Interestingly.. If you are moderate drinker, so probably a few times a week, you tend to live longer. But that may be due to other factors.

And one of the things about heart attacks and heart health is they are very multifactorial and they are much more related to our psychological wellbeing or mostly about what we eat and drink and how much exercise we take.

So your psychology, how well you are feeling, how well you feel loved or if you are able to give yourself “self-love” makes a big difference. So, if you use that information – stay in company. Keep in good company, have good conversations… You do not have to know the people, you know – to have a great conversation each and every day. Even if you are feeling lonely, you can get on to Facebook, you can get on to all sorts of organizations and have a chat. Get in communication with people. You will feel much better.

Other things that make a big difference as to how you are able to deal with and feel in life, watching some comedy on the TVs, stay away from those murder mysteries and the upsetting information perhaps on the news or what have you. If you notice what is going on is something distressing, do not watch it. It does have an effect on our hearts.

Feeling relaxed makes a difference. There are masses of ways that you can help yourself with this but men are often shy about doing this. You know, going to a Pilates class or yoga class, it is often seen as a girl thing to do and that is not true! It gave enormous benefits to men as well and actually when you get into that hang of it, you can be really, really good at it. So, consider going to a relaxation classes sometime or doing some mindfulness training even.

Fresh air. I am out on the beach this morning. So, it’s really a beautiful day down here. It is half eight in the morning, it is so warm I am just in the shirt, extraordinary. Get out in the mornings, or any time of the day, into some fresh air. Do some exercise? Obviously, I’ve got the dog and she needs exercising two or three times a day. So, I am out dog walking anyway and it is a great tip you know – having a dog, or having a pet of any description. Petting them, looking after, caring for them, loving them , it increases your sense of wellbeing, your sense of love, and trust and that is fabulous for your heart. The effects that you get, give benefits for lots of hours and hours – isn’t that interesting? Isn’t that interesting?

Having a balanced diet. Absolutely crucial for heart health – lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. The greener the better. Plenty of fresh, clean water. Filtered water if possible. Stay away from really processed food in [???] that you have particularly as so much as really processed nowadays. Have lots more of fish, particularly oily fish and really try to make sure you get them from reliably source areas. So, do not get your salmon from fish farms up in Scotland, Norway or whatever. It is an incredibly polluting industry but also the fish themselves are not a great help. So, really choose where you get your sources of fish from wisely. And if you are not the provider of the food, ask your partner,( who I am sure is probably lady) to do that for you.

Really, spend the money on the things that really keeps you healthy and teach the things that do not.

Having a relaxed attitude. We all get upset and distressed and fed up, don’t we? With someone at work or situation at work or something that you do not know how to do, when a bit confronted by it…think – tomorrow is another day. It probably would not make any difference by tomorrow. Take a nice deep breath. Step back. Get a glass of water. Sit down. Have a chat with someone about how you can approach it differently and get on and do it. Across the nation this also makes a huge difference to help your wellbeing. If you are putting up with stuff and you are struggling it is difficult. So, do the most difficult of your things that you find,you have to do each day – first thing, first thing in the morning! Get those done. Off out of the way. Tick! Then you can focus on the other things that are easier to do and that will give you much better sense of wellbeing and relaxed attitude.

And then finally, keep a healthy weight. If you are already overweight, for men, weight and obesity is a really big problem. Women – we tend to keep our weight on our hips and on our skin tissue. For men, it goes primarily around our primary organs. Our gut, our heart, our liver and our kidneys as fat deposits. And those are a huge risk factor for heart attacks. So, keep your weight down. Go on a weight loss program. Really, really just keep doing what you are doing, Food wise (as prescribed above). You will feel so much better, you have so much more energy and it will keep you away from heart attacks and strokes as well.

Now, often you will see heart attacks have a huge risk factor in families. There are a few reasons for that. There are preexisting condition overseen in families that can lead to heart problems, but one of the other biggest things that people do not think of, is that we inherit, if you like, a family knowledge of what our families like to eat. So, if you have a family that grows up with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, you are going to have to like fresh fruits and vegetables. If you grow up with a family that likes fish and chips, and a large steak and swig it down with a load of beer, guess what? You are going to be eating that most.

But, you get to choose, you get to choose the choices that you put into your mouth. Make those choices, wise choices. There are also some conditions where you end up with a lot more cholesterol which are not such a good fact, in the blood, and that can run in families too. So, you may need to take some medications in order to prevent or to reduce the high risk of high cholesterol in your blood on a regular basis. But often you can do so much with your diet and exercise; you might not even need that medication. So, speak to your doctor about it and get them to keep testing you. We often take for granted that the first answer is the “one” and it might not be the right one for you. Okay?

Get your blood pressure checked regularly. It is not a total hundred percent guarantee but one way or another, if you have a heart attack but it definitely makes a difference and you can then monitor how your heart health is, how your circulation is doing and that is a really good advice. If you are feeling a little bit unwell, go and get your blood pressure check. You can get it done by the nurse. You do not have to see the doctor.

So, I hope that those hints and tips are useful for you.

If you need to have some help, or where you want to have some private consultation advise with me, you can use the booking links below or above, (wherever I put them!) and come see me up at the Living Elements Clinic and that’s it for me. From a really gorgeous beach. Take care for now.


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