It is so easy to think “when things get back to normal” it will all be OK! The Coronavirus has severely disrupted every area of our lives – and created the worst virus of all – FEAR!

Let me tell you – things will not go back to where they were before – that is the PAST. It has gone, (although it could be re-created if that is what we want).

We have to CREATE the Future that we want to live into!

Maybe – radical thought Number 1 – there could be a better way to lead our lives, our daily, weekly, monthly routines that support us even better!

Let’s explore this idea more and find out where to start…

Watch this video:

How to organise your daily routine and get what you want out of life – Part 1

As humans we so often forget that we can CHOOSE what we do and when – not, maybe in total isolation – family or other timetables also have to be added in… but fundamentally

..WE are in charge of our time and our lives!

How is your current or past daily routine succeeding and where was it not helping?

Get out a pen and paper and let’s explore this more.

First of all we need to write down what we WANT to achieve – as a way of BEING and FEELING. Everyone can do this – even younger children!


Look at the AREAS OF LIFE which are important to you. Here are some:

  • Self-care
  • Food and nutrition
  • Health
  • Exercise
  • Home life
  • Relationships
  • Work and environment
  • Money
  • Home environment
  • Mind-set
  • Social interaction
  • Hobbies and activities
  • Communication
  • Family and friends
  • Transport and travel
  • Nature and outside environment
  • Beauty and gratitude
  • Helping others and making a difference

and there are many more depending on your values and beliefs.

If you want some 1-2-1 help to create your future and identify what you want (vs what you don’t want, which is more of the past) then speak to Gayle in person! We can create a specific coaching time vs osteopathic treatment time.

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Please comment below what you have discovered – it could make you uncomfortable or happy. Be a challenge or a support – either is fine. Thank you.

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