If you don’t know what Osteopathy is – this is the week where you can get lots more information.

Not sure what an Osteopath can do for you? Why not come in for a free mini-consultation to discuss what is going on and for the Osteopath, Gayle Palmer can assess whether it is the right solution for you too.

Book in online here:

If coming in personally doesn’t work you can book a phone consultation as well. Obviously it won’t include a free spinal check but its better than nothing.

There are many benefits when you have a treatment – and some may surprise you! They aren’t always related to what complaint you came in with either!

Bonus benefits are the way to go!

These can include:

  • sleeping better
  • getting pain free
  • breathing more easily
  • fewer reactions to allergens, clearer sinuses!
  • pain free movement
  • better mental attitude to life
  • advice for a healthier lifestyle
  • plans for your rehab and helping you get better quicker
  • and lots more!

So if you are still unsure – click on the button above and have a chat with Gayle Palmer D.O. Osteopath since 1991!! There isn’t much she cannot answer or deal with.

For even more info – go to the FAQ page too, here on the website.

Just in case you needed and added incentive – as I turn 50 during the week (no surgery on Tuesday as a result! –

I have a **SPECIAL OFFER* for any new patients who are seen during the week – you will SAVE £5 on the consultation.

Make your appointment here: https://living-elements-clinic.cliniko.com/bookings

Here’s to YOUR health and vitality using Osteopathy! #DidYouKnow #IOAW

Place your healing in my hands…

© Gayle Palmer / Living Elements Clinic

Gayle Palmer works in a clients back

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