Well, there is a few more weeks of lockdown, but I think that returning to “life” in May is a bit of a wish and a dream.. we shall see…

In the meantime I KNOW I have patients who are waiting until they can have a hands-on appointment with me!

I have 2 things to say about this:

First of all:

Join the Priority Waiting List today!

Simple to do – send me a message via the Facebook page (and FOLLOW / LIKE it whilst you are there please) FB Page here

Not only does this mean you will be on the list – first come – first to the appointments! But you can keep up to date with my latest blogs and articles, plus other things which may be of interest and some light relief!


The online “virtual” appointments really ARE of good value – you may be surprised. My clients have been amazed what else “they get out of me” and how extensive my knowledge base actually is! Just because my hands are currently out of work and a hands-on treatment (often the easy fix-it solution) isn’t possible – doesn’t mean there aren’t “work-arounds” we can employ to help you get out of pain. 🙂

I Don’t like to think of you in pain – really! But only YOU can take the necessary actions to help yourself out. I definately can’t if I don’t know about it either! You can book here by scanning the QR code!

Join the Priority Waiting List straight away, and let’s hope the shut down isn’t for too much longer.

Your Health IS My Priority!

© Gayle Palmer

PS Did you know that we also have a Google My Business listing?

Would you be up for writing a review for me please? https://g.page/GaylePalmerOsteopath/review?mt



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