It is my pleasure to introduce you to Lissie Evans D.O., my locum at the clinic whilst I am away over some of the winter.

I have known Lissie for MANY years – we think at least 25!

We have done some postgraduate training together a few times and she has spent some time working at the Osteopathic Centre for Children in London too. She is a fascinating lady to speak with and has a wealth of experience to ensure you receive the best of care.

Lissie initially trained as an Architect (1974) before training to be an Osteopath completing her training in 1997!!

She is also an artist, illustrator, writer and an amazingly caring, lovely soul!

For those of you who are fortunate enough to be seen by her in my absence I know you will take her to your hearts! She treats in similar ways to me – so there is no hiding (still)!

Lissie teaches at the British College of Osteopathic Medicine (BCOM) in London regularly – creating the Osteopaths for the future as well has having her own practice in North London.

She also enjoys being a locum when needed, as it adds to her desire to travel and see new places (ask her where she has been!) and to help other colleagues out when they need a break in practice.

Originally from West Sussex ( West Chiltington ) she has been all over the place – and this part of the world brings back many happy memories for her. If, when you see her – you know of something “going on” – do let her know and help her make the most of our local community events etc.

Her special Interests are atopy (allergy problems), thyroids, sports injuries from skiers and riders, mothers and babies, farmers, chronic diseases, rheumatology – and pretty much everything else!

“Conceived in Climping while my mother was GP/obstretrician in Worthing. Born in Southampton, grew up in West Chiltington, school in Pulborough. Fred Streeter did our garden and I remember going to tea with him in Petworth. Arun valley makes me very nostalgic!

Began studying architecture in 1971 in Cambridge, worked around London, Arctic Norway and Anguilla (!!).

Retrained in osteopathy in mid nineties. Worked in London and Wales while caring for agéd parents for 16 years. Dr Evans was my spare medical dictionary and developmental paediatric consult. Volunteered at the Osteopathic Centre for Children in London as Gayle did too.

Now teach undergraduate foundation to osteopathy in the cranial field at BCOM. Studied biodynamic osteopathy with its founder Jim Jealous (as Gayle has). Was just back from Oregon doing a revision course, phase 7 of Biodynamics. Amazing number of blackleg tics found whilst camping in the woods which were full of puma, whitefoot mice, racoon, deer and donkeys!”

Clinic days and times will adjust (from Gayle’s timetable) to – Weds, Thurs and most Fridays depending on her teaching schedule. Special timings over Christmas note. See the online booking for up-to-date availability.

You can book in directly, as usual by following this link or call during her working days to speak with her:

Lissie starts work on Weds 27th November and goes through to Weds 22nd January 2020 or so… we shall see how well I get over the jetlag from Australia!

If you are wondering what I am up to – follow on my FB page! I shall still be adding regular videos on the Clinic’s various social media pages too – so watch out for them and like and follow here 

Or book here:

As a very brief precis of Gayle’s forthcoming antics – I have a course in Mexico followed by nearly 6 weeks in Australia and New Zealand! Lucky me!

In the meantime the clinic receptionist, Echo,, the poodle, is going to be well cared for by friend who is living in, and she looks forward to seeing you all soon as she will be continuing with her welcoming duties with Lissie!

Echo the standard poodle is the clinic receptionist.

© Gayle Palmer / Living Elements Clinic

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