This is the last post from me during the #MensHealthWeek theme.

I don’t know what it is about half the population.. but men in particular are experts about procrastinating when it comes to their health! It makes me sad and annoyed for them!

I hear it so often- – “I thought it would go away…” “It’s only been a few months…!” “It didn’t stop me doing much, until now!”

Well how are you going to feel when, instead of fear and concern (wrapped up in silence or grumpiness), you get an answer to the CAUSE and a solution to your worries? Often much more quickly and easily than you can imagine too?!

Responsibility begins by willing to be cause in the matter.

If YOU want to make a difference – YOU need to take the necessary actions, (or clear up the messes you have already caused) which are in alignment with the change you want to make.

What are you waiting for?!

Pick up the phone or book online and let’s get you pain free and back to LIFE as soon as we can!


Responsibility begins with being willing to be cause in the matter

Hi. It’s Gayle Palmer here, the osteopath from the Living Elements Clinic.

I thought I would come today as the final part of my five part series on Men’s Health to support Men’s Health Week which is from the 10th of June this year, 2019.

My final thought is-  how important do you make yourself when you consider how much and how many people rely on YOU? So, for many men, they are the primary breadwinners. They often juggling all their jobs trying to be supportive fathers at home, loving husbands and often, particularly if you are self-employed, I think. Trying to keep up with all of the things that you need to do with the paper work or what have you and to be able to feel as you enjoy your life.

So, one of the things that really helps me… (although clearly I am not a man), I am the only breadwinner in my household and so what makes a difference to me, is a little adage. And it is this…

“Responsibility begins with willing to be cause in the matter.”

I say that again, because it is a quite interesting and different concept.

Responsibility begins with willing to be cause in the matter.

So what does that mean?

Most get responsibility; it is doing what you say you can do, finishing the job, etc.

But being cause in the matter…? Being cause in the matter is about even when its not to your pitch. It is not your task, it is not your job taking it on as though it is – like  no one else can stand in your shoes, no one else is going to do whatever that task happens to be even if is not your job. Okay?

So, I am cause in the matter for cleaning up people’s litter from around the roadsin my local parish, and many of you will know that. I don’t have to do it. It is completely voluntary. I certainly don’t get paid for it! I do end up with a litter grabber and we have the hound to help, no but to be honest she is enough for lot of help but she does tries sometimes. But when I am being cause in the matter is down to me, it is my responsibility.

Now, I want you to consider where you are being cause in the matter in the area of your health and wellbeing

Where are you being cause in the matter in the area of health and wellbeing?

Are you being responsible for your health? Are you going to the well man and checks or have your PSA checked for your prostate? Are you going to see the Osteopath regularly or taking your supplements, which will make huge difference and actually is a great insurance policy for your general health and wellbeing. Considerably cheaper than waiting for everything to fall to pieces and they try to get to hospital, or the doctors, or yourself to patch things up later. So, supplements area  really smart move.

Where you are being cause in the matter of your health?

  • Do you need to make an appointment to see an Osteopath? To get fine-tuned and have your body working like a race horse instead of a donkey or a mule?

Have a look. Would it make a difference to you if you felt better, if you have more energy? What would it be like if you have enough energy to go out and do some of the hobbies that you really like to but have been putting off for so long? What would that be like? Would that make you difference to your whole experience of life? Would that make a difference to your family? Would that make a difference to your health? Would that make a difference to your happiness? So, that is something to ponder on because at the end of the day, only you gets to decide what you want for your life. It is all up to you.


So, this is not a big lecture or anything. Just have a think about it during the day. If you need to see an osteopath? The link is down below, just hit it. You can make an appointment. If you need to go to do something else, go and do that now. Stop fleeing of, get off the procrastination stage, just go do it! Be responsible!

Make an appointment with Gayle ASAP –  and let’s get to make life happier for you right away!

Life is for enjoyment and peace and freedom to express yourself – if that isn’t the experience for you right now – DO something about it!!

© Gayle Palmer June 2019

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