Peak season for “hayfever” depends on what allergen someone is sensitive to – tree pollens, especially lime and poplar; grass pollens or fungi.

They all produce similar symptoms but from different causes. They also are all the result of the immune system over-reacting to specific antigen chemicals and causing an exaggerated inflammatory response.

On the video Gayle explains why some of the various tips and remedies work but in short:

  1. You can either stop the pollens getting into and onto your mucous membranes ie BLOCK THEM
  2. Or you can reduce the inflammatory reaction when they do arrive ie REDUCE THE REACTION

Blockers can include the use of masks / scarves and glasses / sunglasses to keep the pollens away from your eyes, nose and mouth. Also stay away from flowering fields / parks – kind of obvious but worth saying!

Reducers could be:

  • local, raw honey,
  • the use of Omega3 supplements such as Salmon Oil Plus which is available from the Living Elements Clinic or
  • herbal tea eg peppermint, turmeric, camomile, nettle teas and others.
  • Homeopathic remedies can be very beneficial but its helpful to see a homeopath for severe cases

There are three peak seasons for different pollens in the UK – useful to know if you are going to use homeopathic remedies in particular.

  • Tree pollen: late March – mid May
  • Grass pollen: mid May – July
  • Weed pollen: late June – September


When obtaining honey – you need to get LOCAL raw honey – so that the pollens that effect you – are the ones produced by the plants in YOUR vicinity – as they contain ALL the local pollen antigens in them – to start to desensitise your immune system.


  1. Tuppenny Barn, Southbourne
  2. Southbourne Farm Shop
  3. The Grange Farm Shop, Funtington
  4. Sinah Common Honey, Hayling Island
  5. Manuka, East Street, Chichester


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