Your health and well-being is always my first priority – as you well know..

To this end NEW health and safety procedures have had to be brought in for ALL patients and staff at the clinic given that by its very nature, Osteopathy involves close contact.

Coronavirus and its effects have been many and varied – both on a physical health level as well as our emotional and mental well-being. All of this disruption has been my concern for you, my loyal clients.

Whether you have worked during this time or not – we have all had our lives turned upside down. Coming to terms with the new “normal” and accepting it both the way it is, and the way it isn’t is an important aspect of healing for everyone.

Sadly things are not the same, and possibly will never go back “to Normal”. It’s not fair – as we “haven’t done anything wrong.”

Making an appointment

Most bookings are now made via the online booking tool – which works via your phone, laptop, iPad, desktop etc. It’s quick, secure and easy.

On booking there is a COVID-19 screening document / checklist to complete via the Cliniko booking tool. This is to ensure as far as is possible that you do not have active symptoms and have not been in contact with others that may have had them. You are required to tick the relevent boxes please. If in doubt – CALL Gayle!

Payment can now be made in advance via the booking engine too, although you can still pay when you get here – chq, cash and bank card – DEBIT only..

If you are over 70 years you CAN be treated unless you are in the high risk group and after screening I am happy to treat you.. Contact Gayle Palmer directly to discuss any concerns BEFORE booking / arriving. 01243 641665.

!! NB Appointment start times have changed!!

Appointment times have had to be been lengthened to 45 minutes to allow for no cross-over of clients and for additional cleaning time between. Make sure you arrive a few minutes early if possible though. Treatment times are still 30 minutes.

The Changes in clinic

Firstly I have to ensure that, where possible, no-one comes into the clinic who is infected or may be a carrier of COVID-19. I hope to be able to achieve this through

  • ALL patients to wash their hands on entering the clinic please. Dry hands using paper towel.
  • Asking all patients to either bring their own face mask.
  • Complete a triage questionnaire which is emailed to you IN ADVANCE to check on any symptoms you may have and likelihood of contact with infected individuals and

Wearing face masks

Please bring in and wear your own face mask, unless you think you have been in contact with someone who HAS been infected – in which case health security means I will provide a higher spec one than yours (probably). Cost per mask is £3.50

Use of face visor by Gayle

Not exactly my preferred option as you can imagine but at least for the time being this is a requirement for certain clients or if I deploy certain techniques. I have sourced some which I hope aren’t too scary nor inconvenient but that do the job!

Use of apron by Gayle

This may be needed for some clients.

Use of gloves by Gayle

Surgical gloves DO detract from perfect palpation but after 30 years I do not see a problem other than sweaty hands! These are optional though depending on the client and my risk assessment.

Keeping you comfortable and maintaining your privacy

You are encouraged to bring in your own, FRESHLY WASHED BATH TOWELS to put onto the vinyl plinth cover. You may want to bring in an additional LARGE towel / clean blanket to keep you warm too.

A towel makes it more comfortable for you and easier for Gayle to work as it is easy to stick to the plinth cover. (The normal plinth cover has had to be removed and the blanket.)

It is customary to ask you to disrobe to a lesser or greater degree for an Osteopathic treatment. This is still the case, but be advised by Gayle how much you may need to remove. Reducing this helps to limit viral contamination.


On arrival, please WAIT IN THE CAR and Gayle will come out to welcome you into the clinic. This prevents clients meeting “by accident” and reduces (hopefully) the amount of cleaning that needs to be undertaken.

There is reduced and different furniture in the waiting room and treatment room – to ensure that it is easier to clean and there is less of it. PLEASE try not to touch anything that you don’t need to!

Payment – I am anticipating that most people will have paid in advance when making their appointment online. The payment card terminal can only be touch button unfortunately due to the sums involved, so Gayle can cover the buttons with cling film. To add more bio-security you can also pay by Bacs using your mobile banking app, if you have one. I will still take cash.

Re-booking – This can be done at the time of the appointment or by you online using the booking link in your own time.

Infection Prevention

As you would expect the cleaning requirements and need for Personal Protection Equipment for Gayle has vastly increased. In addition the requirement for fewer things you can touch has also reduced. (It’s called clutter in case you were wondering!)

The simplest thing to do is to TOUCH AS LITTLE AS POSSIBLE when you are in the clinic! It is also the hardest!

Therefore, there are now no magazines to read on arrival. There are still some leaflets – but take care to ONLY take one, not to cross-contaminate and to take it with you once you have picked it up.

Worried about leaving the house after so long stuck inside?I understand! But all is well.

Posted by Living Elements Clinic on Friday, 22 May 2020

The comments book has also been removed – so I encourage you to post stories and reviews on the various review sites below – this not only helps the clinic directly with more exposure which is always needed as Gayle gets folks better 😉 but also clients find us online more these days too. YOUR quotes are referrals are still needed and encouraged though. Gayle also likes to know when things go well.


Facebook review:



Obviously the supplements are still there etc. During the pandemic I have put together a supplement protocol that I have been following – the video is here and is what I take each day. Supplement protocol video

Following each treatment / appointment Gayle has to:

  1. Air the room for 15 minutes
  2. Wash down the plinth and pillowcase
  3. Wipe the chairs you have been in contact with
  4. Wipe the door handles, toilet handle etc
  5. Sweep or wash down the floor as appropriate
  6. As well as replace, using correct donning and doffing procedures, any PPE that needs to be changed.
  7. There are further checklists to follow and documents to complete too.

All of this is being done for your health and wellbeing and to ensure that Gayle also remains able to serve her clients. Please be reassured that Gayle Palmer is doing everything that she can to maintain bio-security at the clinic so that you can continue to receive expert care.

There are lots of adjustments and changes, so please bear with her! Its a whole new world to clinical practice!

Echo the dog – there is NO evidence that she is a source of risk to clients but if you are concerned she can, of course, be removed from the space. Just ask Gayle.

© Gayle Palmer Living Elements Clinic 2020

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