It is Organ Donation Week and I wanted to highlight this as we ALL have the choice as to whether to do this or not

– but often get stopped with having those conversations with our families… so when the time comes – they refuse as they are not clear what your wishes may be.

This is a tragedy. Please don’t let this happen to you.

Did you know – by donating your organs and tissues after your death you could transform 7 other people’s lives!!

Plus – “you” could live for another 50 years potentially!

What a contribution to others that is!

One way to make this easier is a programme that I created a few years ago called “Freedom at the End of Life” where I take you through a comprehensive course of questions and answers around important decisions that need to be made towards the end of your life.

I know this can be a scary and challenging subject  but it DOES need to be addressed, and in good time.

While 80 per cent of people say they are willing to donate their organs just 36 per cent are on the organ register.

You can find more info about the course and related subjects via

Many people do not know

  1. How to broach the subject of their deaths, either to themselves (!),  or to their family and friends.
  2. What decisions are important to make and how to make them
  3. How to record your decisions and let the appropriate authorities know what they may be
  4. How to create a life of opportunity for yourself and others – even when you are no longer alive

There are thousands of people waiting for donated organs in this country alone and a chronic shortage. Many won’t get that call, let alone get the right match for them. It is agonising for them and their families.

Please – make those decisions NOW

Get clarity about how to record your decisions.

Learn how to inform your family (who will still have to give permission for their use) what your wishes are so that they can give informed consent.

Create a new life for someone else.

Thank you.

Figures from NHS Blood and Transplant suggest that in the last year, 1,100 families decided not allow organ donation because they did not know what their relatives would have wanted, with around 100 further cases where explicit wishes were over-ruled.

Only about half of adults on the current organ register say they have discussed their wishes with a relative, meaning their views can end up being over-ruled. Will this happen to you?

The need to tell your family if you want to donate your organs after death is essential.Part of the Great Guidlines for Later Life course covers this in detail.It could save 7 people's lives… and "you" could live for another 50 years!Now that's a contribution!

Posted by Great Guidelines for Later on Tuesday, 3 September 2019

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