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Post Partum checkups make a big difference to babies and their families.

This little man was uncomfortable, not feeding well and full of wind!

I am a paediatric cranial osteopath, amongst other titles and this is what I can help with.
This little chap was struggling… still all foetal and tucked up and uncomfortable…
He wouldn’t sleep on his back, produced masses of bottom wind constantly, had a very weak suckle, lots of wriggling and generally unhappy.
Now he is stretching out, unclenching, in less discomfort and growing apace as a result!
The Doctors working diagnosis is “Reflux” – to be honest – I think this is incorrect – the symptom picture was all wrong and didn’t fit with my experiential findings.
He is still a bit up and down as you would expect but we are making progress.
If you are struggling with your baby or had a tricky delivery – get you and your baby checked as soon a you can by a paediatric Osteopath such as Gayle Palmer. It makes a big difference.

Just want to say a big thank you for all the help you have given Harrison. When we first came to you he wasn’t sleeping and had a terrible latch causing slow weight gain and both of these have been fully resolved.

Also his misshapen head from a difficult birth has been rectified.

Very happy customers and would highly recommend x

Samantha Dockerill

Making an appointment is very easy – just follow the link to the online diary below.

NB If you think your delivery was difficult – especially long, or remarkably short or there were interventions or you are just plain concerned – and bearing in mind that as a Mum you have done almost a mirror image of the babies delivery – YOU may also need to be checked and have a treatment.

WHY? An osteopathic treatment can return the right muscular balance to your pelvic floor, especially after stitches; relieve the shock from an epidural in your spine, get your milk flow working properly in conjunction with helping your babies suckle (they work together), prevent emotional collapse as your hormonal supply can get disrupted from the delivery.

Here is your booking link:

If you have extra questions – please get in touch. Everyone is unique. The solutions are also unique and tailor-made. 😉

Place your healing in my hands. Your health IS my priority.

Gayle Palmer D.O.

Registered Osteopath

PS If you know someone else who is struggling with a newborn, or during the pregnancy itself – please forward this to them or recommend they seek further osteopathic help. Your intervention may make all the difference. Thank you.


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