What is your idea of being Wealthy?

What is your idea of being Healthy?

Both of these are vitally important, and often linked, and may not be just an empirical value – but linked to how you FEEL about yourself, experience the World and your values and beliefs.


What does it mean to be wealthy? Most financial advisors will give you a narrow definition – it’s all about how much money you have. 🙂 Wealth equates to “an abundance”, but if money is prioritized above all else so many other important things are sacrificed.

For example what’s the point of having money if you’re so busy you can’t do the things you want to? Why have a beachfront vacation home but no friends or family to share it with? Why worry so much about retirement if when the day finally comes you’ll be too sick to do anything but lay in bed hooked up to tubes?

What do YOU think of as Wealth?


Sure, there are some health problems that money—or at least good health insurance—can solve. But many people have died died from cancer for whom no amount of money would have made a difference – think of Steve Jobs – who created Apple.

“Being the richest man in the cemetery doesn’t matter to me. Going to bed at night saying we’ve done something wonderful… that’s what matters to me.”
― Steve Jobs

That’s extreme, but there are thousands of health problems, from recurrent migraines to chronic fatigue to inexplicable anxiety, that plague plenty of people in spite of unlimited financial resources. In fact, pushing yourself constantly to earn more can cause some of the health problems that then decrease overall well-being.

What do YOU think of as Health?

A Brief History

The word ‘wealth’ derives from an old English word that meant happiness or well-being! We know, intellectually, that monetary wealth isn’t the same as well-being—but many people in modern society act as if money really can buy happiness.

Philosophers have seen the dichotomy between the accumulation of material wealth and actual well-being for thousands of years. There’s remarkable agreement between such diverse thinkers as Confucius, Buddha, Jesus, Plato and Socrates—they all urged followers to avoid the pursuit of wealth simply for wealth’s sake and to be aware of the other factors that contribute to an exceptional life.

They can’t have all got it wrong!

Here are the nine non-money aspects to having “an abundance of well being”:

  1. Time, Freedom, and Having Options
  2. Family and Friends
  3. Health
  4. Safety
  5. Virtue
  6. Youth and Beauty
  7. Status
  8. Self Investment – Education, and Experience
  9. Wisdom

How many of these do you relate to?

What values are most important to YOU?

If you had to re-order them for your own priorities – what would that order be? Take the time to do that NOW – you will forget to come back to it later!

YOUR list is based on your own priorities, your own reasons and your own beliefs which mainly come from your past (family, teachers etc) and life experience.

So – given that I am an OSTEOPATH – what does all this have to do with HEALTH?

On a basic level – if you don’t have sufficient to be healthy – food, clothes, protection (house) as these are a MUST, you NEED them as an essential first of all. But most aren’t in this position, fortunately.

We DO have a relationship to money and our health though.. here is an example – if you feel a LACK OF MONEY – it can make you anxious. Anxiety increases your blood pressure (increasing whole body tightness and capillary action), changes your metabolism, immune function, concentration levels etc.

By the same token – if you HAVE an abundance of money – you can STILL have these issues!! Never thought of that, did you?! Why? Because you need to be responsible around the money.

This stems back to your limiting beliefs about both money & wealth and health. We all have them!

The best bit is – they can be changed – afterall you “agreed” (even unconsciously) to take them on to start with, and you can RE-CHOOSE if you want to.  🙂

This is where I can be of extra service – our beliefs and values are usually completely un-noticed and unknown by people… they just ARE! Until you uncover them – you don’t get a choice for the future.

As an Osteopath I am an expert at listening to both what you ARE saying, and also what you are NOT saying – and the bits in between! That is to say – with skilled listening – I can catch the points where you could (do) get stuck!

In the conversation, during a consultation, we can unpick things so much that new choices and realities can suddenly arise! They occur as miracles – when you see a whole new realm of reality!

Now, this is all “brain-work” – or so it seems, but in fact, our emotional and mental life gets trapped in our actual soma (body) tensions – and so by me unlocking tight areas etc I can release old pathways and create new growth areas to be developed into the future.

When health issues cost a fortune, well, there goes all the money. “Focusing on just health or just money is not enough. … One without the other won’t be successful.” Gayle Palmer

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