1. As energy costs rise, and our planet continues to struggle with carbon-burning sources I believe it is important for everyone to do their bit towards helping Mother Earth and our resources if we can.

Today (28th August 2019), another bank of PV panels (photovoltaic) were put onto a shed which will be used to

A generate electricity and

B Store excess electricity into batteries for use at night

They were put in by a local firm – Wagner Renewables – who are just round the corner, thereby saving fuel miles too; and at a fair price. I have used them before for PV panels on 2 other properties – and the electricity generated is used to heat the hot water tanks in them as well as selling back to the grid!

The clinic is heavy on electricity use as there is air source heating and all the water systems – hot water, heating and cold water uses large pumps to circulate.

This will lighten the cost load considerably – especially during the winter and at night.

I would love to say that we are carbon-neutral but are some way from that… but its a great addition.

Yes. it is a big investment, and I realise that many could not do this but we all have to choose how we spend our money. My environment and impact is important to me. Also the pitiful amount you get on interest for money in the bank vs this rate of return makes it a totally viable money-saving option too! 8% is good – especially as it reduces increasing fuel bills over time too.

I made a quick video which I hope will explain more…

What do YOU do to save energy / use renewable energy / make a difference?

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