Complimentary 10 minute Osteo Discovery Consultation to assess whether I can help you

You won't know the answer before you know the question. Discovery calls not only get to the bottom of both quickly but get you familiar to how Gayle works - and if you are a good match.

If you are - great! Welcome to my clinic. If not, I will always try to suggest other more suitable alternatives. No obligation.


Osteopathic Consultations and Treatment

Initial and follow-up Osteopathic Consultations are available to book online.

Both are half an hour. Please arrive promptly. Wear a mask too!

Each involves taking a case history (or update of progress), an examination and is followed by treatment.

Place your healing in my hands – book your treatment TODAY!

Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Coaching

Gayle is a certified NLP practitioner and coach

This therapy helps the conscious and unconscious minds integrate.

It works brilliantly with the Osteopathy as they work synergistically together. One sorts the body, the other the mind.

By using this form of treatment Gayle can work on an unconscious energetic and spiritual level.

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ONLINE Booking

You can book online – use this link

or phone to make your appointment – 01243 641665

or send a message via the Facebook chatbot page!

So many ways to get in touch!

The only other, less speedy way, is email – so if its a long message – phone to let me know its there!

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Health Supplements

We stock various health supplements to support our clients well-being.

They are top quality and often from organic sources.

You can purchase them when the clinic is open or order them to be posted out to you.

Lamberts Professional Range, the superb Neolife and Golden (household cleaning) products from GNLD which includes the Omega-3 Salmon Oil Plus.

Also neck and back supports, others can be ordered.

Cranial Osteopathy

Gayle Palmer D.O. doesn’t treat conditions – she treats YOU! All of you.

Here are just a few of the “challenges” that may benefit from treatment at the Clinic:

The benefits are be made by using the Principles of Osteopathy – namely to improve the blood and nerve supplies by changing the structure and function of the body.

  • Hearing problems
  • Whiplash Injuries and the effects of accidents to the neck, spine or soft tissues,
  • Recurrent infections eg chest by stimulating the immune responses
  • Postural and mobility abnormalities
  • Childhood breathing problems
  • Long-term respiratory or breathing difficulties –
  • Problems such as poor sleep
  • As children get older they can often be helped by a combination of cranial and structural Osteopathic approaches.
  • Help post-partum recovery and during the pregnancy

Every treatment is unique and tailor-made. BOOK HERE

Traditional Osteopathy

Gayle has been trained in all the “traditional” Osteopathic techniques that can be used.

These include

  • manipulation (the “click”)
  • osteopathic massage
  • stretching
  • joint manipulation
  • balancing techniques
  • is able to give lifestyle advice
  • nutrition advice
  • exercise advice etc


Hopi Ear Candling

A blissful, relaxing, clearing and re-balancing ancient American Indians technique for easing head and especially ear congestion.

Whilst using a hollow (safe) burning candle to act like a chimney to remove wax and debris, Gayle massages the head to improve lymphatic drainage.

It is completed with a cranial re-balance. Ideal for all ages.

A little bit of luxury in the day – it mentally and physically settles the body.

Gift Voucher

Extend the joy of being pain free etc to others with a gift voucher.

Contact Gayle directly for personalised vouchers or pre-book one online HERE

Give the gift of health to a loved one or as a present when times are tough.

Thank you for looking out for others welfare.