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Gayle is pleased to be able to provide a selection of high quality supplements to her clients. They have been chosen for their efficacy and usefulness for most of her clients.

This is NOT an online shopping cart – it is a list of products and prices. Please visit the clinic in person to collect and pay for your requirements. We can also offer a postal service for any of these – you must contact Gayle in person for this. There is an additional P&P charge.

NB: Many supplements have recently increased in price. (Date July 2021)

Please check the product price if you wish to purchase some from the clinic. Thank yo.

For questions about any of the products please contact Gayle Palmer at the clinic directly.. 01243 641665.


Salmon Oil Plus by GNLD


The ONLY supplement checked for over 160 contaminants with zero tolerance and containing ALL 8 of the Omega-3 oils.

Top selling product because it is that good!

Use for all inflammatory problems eg asthma, joint arthritis, migraines etc.

Also calms the nervous system and helps blood circulation. Helps with hyperactivity, exam / work stress, asthma.

Carotenoid Complex by GNLD


A great all-round supplement rich in Carotenoids – some of nature’s anti-inflammatories.

Organic. Suitable for vegetarians.

Promotes the immune system.

Flavonoid Complex by GNLD


Stimulates the immune system and helps to reduce the possibility of cancer-forming development, especially for breast and prostate.

Made mainly from the blue/purple range of vegetable and fruits. Organic.

Cruiferous Complex by GNLD


Rich in the cabbage family of vegetables.

Strong cleansing and anti-cancer properties. Boosts the immune system.


Tre-en-en by GNLD


Energy enhancer by radically improving the cell membrane transport.

Increases the passage of oxygen and nutrients into the cell and waste products & ATP (the molecule of ENERGY used by all cells) out of the cells.

Based on wheat grains.



A “bone supplement” – it contains magnesium to increase the uptake of calcium into the bone cells and stimulate bone growth vs resorption.

Also contains Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol)

Formula 4 by GNLD


An all-round multi supplement.

Particularly suited to use with the other GNLD products.

Boosts immunity, cell health, energy levels and supports the nervous system.

Aloe Vera Gel by GNLD


A very light clear gel forumla of Aloe vera.

Perfect as a face hydrator after washing. Feels lovely and cooling on the skin.

Acidophilus Plus by GNLD


A very high strength (10 billion) pro-biotic gut supplement.

Contains a variety of live probiotics to promote your gut flora and fauna.

Useful after antibiotics or for breast feeding Mums. Also with long term antiobiotic use or poor immunity eg after chemotherapy.

Super 10 by GNLD

£16.00/1 litre bottle

A superb general household cleaner!

The “Golden liquid” is added to water for use usually. Bathrooms, kitchen work surfaces, even garage and workshop cleaning.

Excellent on oil stains.

Totally biodegradable. Non-toxic.

LDC (Light Duty Cleaner) by GNLD

£16.50/1 litre bottle

Mild cleaner – super for hand washing, washing up dishes, window washing.

You can also use it as a shampoo!

Dilute with water to use. Non toxic even when concentrated.

G1 washing Powder by GNLD


Save yourself money, storage and hassle.

You only need to use a small amount per wash. A box will give you about 150 washes!

Totally biodegradable. Great clean results.

new FOS price


Made from chicory root – this is a soluble fibre which helps your digestion. It particularly helps the gut flora and fauna to thrive.

Helps to balance the stools texture too.

Powder form. Tastes of candy floss!



A “bone supplement” – it contains magnesium to increase the uptake of calcium into the bone cells and stimulate bone growth vs resorption.

Also contains Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) and Boron as these are also required for your bone health.



As you get older often the digestive enzymes are not produced in enough quantity to ensure that you can abstract the nutrients from your food.

Digestizyme solves this easily. Use in conjunction with FOS.



50% of women are magnesium deficient.

It is crucial for the uptake of calcium for your bone strength. It also prevents nights cramps and general muscle aches.

Magnesium is used for muscle relaxation – without it everything feels tight!

Glucosamine and Chondroitin


If you have cartilage damage or issues this is the supplement for you!

These are pre-cursors to cartilage growth.

Without your cartilage your bones bash together! (And it is even more painful!)

Co-enzyme Q10 200mg


A “universal” enzyme which performs many functions.

Often deficient.

Zinc 15mg


An immune booster.

Can easily be deficient as it is water soluble and needed for a variety of functions. Gets leached out my aluminium and other minerals.

Vitamin B-50 Complex


Especially useful for supporting your nervous system when under great stress or in stressful environments eg lots of noise.

Helpful during exams, when going through the menopause etc.



A herbal immune booster.

Take it intermittently. Good when you are struggling with persistent colds / coughs.

Turmeric - Fast Release


A herbal anti-inflammatory with thousands of years of use in India. Made from a root.

This is a tablet form.

Helps the digestion too.