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Do you wake up stiff and achy in the morning?

 Struggle to get moving first thing in the morning?

Fed up with taking pain killers?

Give Osteopathy a try – Gayle will take into account all of your life – posture, diet, exercise, hobbies, injuries and accidents, illnesses, your past career etc
Why you struggle today is not an accident – it’s the summation of all of the above, and more.
Getting a resolution is not achieved by a magic pill (- there isn’t one.) It can be achieved with understanding, knowledge and making changes.
Make an appointment today – its easy to do online or call 01243 641665
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If you have only ever complained to the GP, or not even got that far (?) then tried living with pain killers and ignored your back pain and stiffness – how is it going?!

Gayle had over 30 years of experience with thousands of clients helping to bring about change. There isn’t much that will surprise her as a result – your complaints and story may not be different – but you deserve to give Osteopathy the chance to make that difference.

YOUR health IS my Priority – place your healing in my hands.

© Gayle Palmer July 2022

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