What happens in the Summer to children?

Answer: They GROW!!!

That is why NOW is such an important time for them to come in for an Osteopathic “MOT”.

All those end of term / year exams tax the brain mentally and often emotionally too. Much of that stress gets tucked away in the muscles of the body – making them tight, not helped by so much time sitting still and studying.

They may not have complained but the clothes seem to shrink and their faces change too!

Summer (and Spring) are when young bodies grow the most – with the rising energy. The long bones grow – so often the ends – the growth plates eg around the knees etc can ache for a few days as the bones grow first, then the muscles and tendons etc have to lengthen and catch up. There is a time delay.

Holidays often mean more activity (hopefully away from the phone and thumb exhaustion!) – feet widen as children play in the garden or at the beach, more accidents happen and there are different physical experiences too.

All that growing takes energy. There is a finite supply – so the body has to prioritise as best it can. Some things cease to work as they should or have to adapt. (Another tax on the system.) Other systems develop quickly, especially hormonal changes for teenagers.

All of these things, and more, can be helped with Osteopathy and careful balancing with an experienced Osteopath like Gayle Palmer D.O. She has specialised in paediatrics for over 30 years so is very familiar with the challenges which youngsters face.

This can also include looking where their nutrition and diet needs to be upgraded to facilitate all this growth and development too.

The Living Elements Clinic is open during most of the Summer holidays – usually on a Monday, Tuesday and Thursday – so use the online booking system to get your child / children checked – ready to make the most of their Summer holidays in the peak of health. If you aren’t sure if an appointment is necessary you can also make a discovery appointment with Gayle using this method too. 😉


I have already seen several youngsters who have benefited from a check up and top-to-toe service – ready for lots of Summer cricket matches, sailing and other holiday activities.

Children need support too! Book yours in today!

© Gayle Palmer Living Elements Clinic

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