Every time we speak we send out an energetic vibration into the universe, which then sets in motion whatever it is that you are speaking about. The universe is a supportive place that conspires to give you whatever you ask for. With one, very important provision, that you stick to your part of the bargain and follow through. Every time you speak your intention and then follow through with action in alignment with your words you strengthen the power behind your words. Eventually your word becomes law or even God like. So that you barely need to utter a desire and the universe will deliver.

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In spiritual orders the power of words is demonstrated by the phrase “I have spoken”.

And it’s gospel too: John 1 vs 1 “In the beginning was the Word and the word was with God and the Word was God”.

That’s the same God who spoke the entire universe into existence starting with “Let there be light”

Are you bleeding your power away with idle talk?

Just as words have power, they can be a power leak.

If, for example, you get into the habit of saying you will do things or want things, but FAIL to follow through with action you weaken your word. Eventually your word will be meaningless and powerless. This is what happens in relationships or meetings when others don’t listen. It can be because others unconsciously pick up that your words have no power behind them.

You will be literally bleeding your energy away with idle talk.

Here are some ways you could be weakening your word without realising it…

* You say you will call a friend and then don’t.

* Those tipsy conversations where you dream up big plans that in the cold light of dawn you back away from.

* When you say you will attend an event, meeting, party or date but don’t show up.

* When you say you will do something but fail to deliver on time or at all.

* When you buy things and then return them under the guarantee for no good reason other than you would rather have the money back.

* When you say you will sign up for a training programme but never do.

* When you tell yourself you will quit smoking, eat healthily, take more exercise etc and never do.

* When you say to yourself you will take a break, but keep on working anyway.

Why does this bleed your energy and weaken your word?

…Well think about it like this. If I were to invite you to dinner and you say “Yes”. I would then go out and buy the food for your meal. I will tidy the house (and believe me that will take some time). I will lovingly prepare your meal.

If you don’t show up this is not only a breach of trust but also a waste of energy (food and effort). The universe will seek to restore balance so if you create energy loss for another then it will have to be repaid in some way at some point in the future, by you, and usually with interest.

This is true no matter what you say you will do but fail to do. Broken promises cost.

Think how much extra work someone has to put in to regain trust once they have broken it. It’s much more than the work they did to build the trust in the first place. This is the work you will have to do even when it is the universe or even yourself.

What can you do to strengthen your word, build trust with the universe and make your word law?

Step 1. Become conscious and aware of the words you speak. Before you agree to anything pause, think, ask yourself “do I REALLY intend to follow through?”

Step 2. When you have spoken, follow through with action EVERY time. No excuses, no buts, no “I’m too tired” Do the thing that you said you would do.

Step 3. If for some reason your circumstances change, go back and re-negotiate the agreement. Ask for extra time and then add in some extra bonus as a thank you for allowing you the extra time.

Step 4. Stop all idle talk of actions you have no intention of carrying out. Make no promises or agreements that you do not intend to keep. This is the hardest part as we’re so used to those white lies and platitudes. We are so used to saying “I’ll try to….” when we really mean no. We are so used to saying “I’ll do that….” when we know we’ll never see that person again and so we think there are no consequences. Say what you mean, and mean what you say. And you can say no with compassion and kindness.

The more you follow these simple steps the more you will strengthen the power of your word until all you need to do is say “let there be ice-cream” and it just shows up. Next time I think I’ll mention something less naughty!

I often am surprised when I reply to a message on the phone and the client remarks that they left a message but didn’t think they would get a reply within a few hours (or ever!). Clearly they have been dealing with the wrong businesses if that has been their experience! Sometimes replies take a bit longer and messages can get lost but it is never our intention to not answer. If we do not return your call within a day or so, please call again. Sometimes the answerphone pulls a wobbly.

Keep well, honour your word as you do others and live with passion!

Gayle Palmer

© Gayle Palmer D.O. Osteopath 2010-19

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