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How can I benefit from having a regular Osteopathic “MOT”?

Your body strives to allow you to do what your brain wants (!) with whatever resources it gets – food, drink, assistance etc It’s not always good food, or the right amount of exercise etc… this places undue stresses on the body.

My job as an Osteopath is to identify these and then balance you up! Sometimes this also includes advice, usually treatment or whatever else I deem necessary! Each treatment is tailored to YOUR needs.


* Improving your blood and nerve supplies * maintaining your flexibility * helping your joints and muscles work efficiently * it boosts your immune system and *optimises your physical, mental and spiritual health. * Plus you get other health advice at the same time – for free!

It is suitable from the cradle to the rocking chair!


Low back pain, sciatica, neck pain, headaches and migraines, tennis elbow, bursitis, osteo-arthritis pain, knee and hip pain, tinnitus, birth trauma, morning sickness during pregnancy, persistent crying and feeding problems in babies, hyperactivity, chronic chest / breathing problems, stress, dental / jaw problems, frozen shoulder, digestive difficulties, growing pains, foot and heel pain, menstrual irregularities, IBS, epilepsy amongst other things! Got something else that’s troubling you?

CALL me to find out how I can help you. 

If you are happy to receive your MOT reminder by email – to save paper, resources etc, please let me have your email address. It will always be kept confidential. Thank you.


Osteopathic sidebending examination

Don’t forget, I do offer a FREE 10 minute mini-consultation to assess whether a full appointment may be appropriate. Thank you for looking out for others.

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