Self Care – the ability to manage yourself, your health (and your expectations) either

  • for yourself, on your own or

  • in conjunction with help and assistance, which can take various forms.

Often we think of what happens when you need extra help – from the Doctor or a nurse, maybe hospital or another team e.g. care workers.

What is clear is that health and dis-ease, self care and pure medical care is in fact an ongoing continuum or conversation as time and health issues change.

For more thoughts and information please watch the video below. Thank you! (It is 11 mins 6 seconds long)

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Self Care and why Osteopathy may make a big difference to YOU!

More about Self care and why this is such an important aspect of health throughout your life!From daily tasks to longer term goals – all or many involve self care even though we might not recognise it as such.Osteopath, Gayle Palmer explains more on a hot Summer's day!

Posted by Living Elements Clinic on Tuesday, 23 July 2019


By Gayle Palmer

Hello. This is Gayle Palmer from the Living Elements Clinic, the Osteopath in Chichester.

Today, is one of the hottest days of 2019. So far, it is supposed to get hotter tomorrow and I just thought that as it is International Self-Care Day tomorrow (24th July) (#ISCD), that this might be passionate for those of you who are struggling at least with the heat but with other aspects perhaps of your health and wellbeing.

So, there is a description called the “health care continuum” and it relates to areas or timeframes about your health and wellbeing, and when you may or may not need extra supportive health during those times.

So, it ranges from things like your

  • daily choices and actions that are eating, drinking, getting up, toiletries, exercise and etc through to your
  • lifestyle choices, what you choose to do in your free time and your habits just as much as what you choose to do in your work to your
  • self-management of your minor ailments. That might be cuts and bruises, that might be if you have asthma or you are taking inhaler or not or preventive medicine, high blood pressure, similar things to
  • long term health issues that could be chronic asthma, bronchitis and other diseases due to acute conditions, an accident at work, etc where things suddenly change. Might be a heart attack or stroke. All the way through to major traumas and major car accidents, severe injuries, etc. And that continuum is a range between your pure self-care, so the daily choices that you make all the way through to continuous pure medical care.

Now, osteopathy can help in and amongst almost all of those concerns that you may or may not have. And it is something that we often forget; osteopaths can be sort of a support emergency service so to fit if you include the coast guard perhaps! (And you can tell that lots of flies around at the moment.) It is a sliding scale of self-care.

So, I have many patients who come and see me for my osteopathic health care and skills like counselling services and health lifestyle advice as well. You would have never been to see the doctor. They never consider that, that it might be the most appropriate source of healthful system for them. And indeed, it might not be!

As an osteopath, I treat a huge range of ailments and disease states and states of health.

From sprains, to your ankles, your wrist, headaches and migraines, jaw and dental issues, digestive concerns, not only in adults but in babies and children too. All the way through to treatment of strokes and high blood pressure, post heart attacks even.

Even through to severe illness stage for instance with cancer, post-operative states and major road traffic accident injuries, etc.

And many people forget that osteopaths are uniquely positioned to help with this regard. Over and above anything that the medics are able to provide or help with.

So, with the Self-Care Day – please do not forget that there are other options available to you. They may not be free but they are all about self-care.

© Living Elements Clinic 2019

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