Why I use GNLD… especially the fish oils…by a health professional

by Dr Susan Eardley Phd, Kinesiologist at the British Kinesiology Centre, Farnham, Surrey (written in 2008)

Some of you will know my background, how I started taking vitamins at University when I studied nutrition in the late 70’s, how I opened a health food shop in the early 80’s so I could get my vitamins at wholesale prices, how I ended up a few years later in alternative health care muscle-testing literally dozens of vitamin brands every year and working with those that tested up best.

What some of you probably don’t know is what happened to me 12 years ago that made me switch to using mainly one brand of supplements – GNLD – I developed severe arthritis of the knees – yes, even with my knowledge and heroic supplement regime!

I truly understood what it is like to have knees that are so hot, swollen and painful you can’t bend them, you get beeped at by motorists because you take too long to cross the road, you can’t get up or downstairs properly, you can’t go for even a short walk with your family or friends, you feel how you think a crippled 90 year old feels and you think you will have to be on medication for the rest of your life.

My mentor and teacher Dr Bruce Dewe introduced me to the GNLD range about that time. He said ‘try these’ and gave me a pot of salmon oil. Sceptical as usual I assumed they’d be no different but they were free and I was desperate.

  • About a week later I had no pain, no swelling and no heat in my knees.

I stopped the oil and the pain came back – I went straight back on them – I burped a lot of fish but frankly I didn’t care. (The formula has been changed and improved since so you get fewer burps too!)  

  • I stopped my medication after 2 weeks but so long as I took the oil capsules I was fine.

Why were these products working when nothing else was, even the best I could afford? Baffled, I talked to Dr Dewe at length whilst he explained the philosophy behind the products, the difference in the source of the raw materials and care during manufacturing.

He explained how the products were made from organic food and were human-food-chain-natural and the wisdom in having all parts of a nutrient complex not just one and how that in his clinic he had never been disappointed with the quality of the research or performance of any GNLD product. Interestingly he said that he had noticed when people used a mixture of other products and GNLD they didn’t respond as quickly.

He suggested I started testing the products in my clinic reminding me again that the supplements were safe for everyone ‘because they’re food’.

I began testing as usual, comparing them to the ‘better’ brands I stocked and almost without fail, given a choice, people’s bodies were responding better to GNLD than anything else however, at that time I still felt I needed to keep other products as well so people didn’t think I was pushing product on them. I also often told people to buy their own choice from their local retailer for the same reason. Knowing what I know now, I wish I had had the courage to ‘walk my talk’ and sell them a GNLD product instead as they would likely have done much better. Still, you live and learn.

I started importing GNLD products from Sweden about 12 years ago as there wasn’t an office in the UK. People started telling me how effective they were and I began to develop a loyal following for GNLD. I didn’t use their network opportunity (the chance to earn extra income & help others do the same) I wasn’t ready for that yet.

Then last year (2008) after attending the GNLD 50th anniversary conference I realised that actually if I had looked at their network opportunity I could have helped far more people by offering them the chance to join as a distributer and get their supplements at wholesale. I could also have probably offered quite a number of people the chance to truly change their lives through the GNLD income potential but my British reticence and desire not to appear pushy stopped me doing that.

  • I’m certain that an extra £200 – £300 per month or even more, would have made a substantial difference to many people I met during that time and I’m truly sorry that I was too concerned about how I felt rather than focussing on what I could do for them instead.

Now I understand that by using GNLD products and finding out how they work for me, I can share the quality of them with other people with complete integrity – I can do this from the heart, I don’t have to sell them. I can also say with personal experience that by helping other people develop extra income I am earning the money that GNLD said would be possible (I didn’t believe them of course) and which has been so useful to me lately.

I’m now more than happy to offer this opportunity to anyone and everyone I meet – I never pre-judge because I’d be sad if someone didn’t get the chance they really needed just because I assumed they’d not be interested or felt too shy to ask. I know I’m not pushing product, I’m simply offering. The choice is always the persons / individual.

So, that’s why I only stock GNLD in my clinic.

The products work better than anything else I’ve found (although I still test stuff people bring in, just in case..), the retail margins are smaller than any other product range but the products are better so it’s a really good deal for the customer. There’s an opportunity for people to buy wholesale if they wish and add extra income if they help others. A great deal for everyone all round.

I hope this helps you, and your customers too.
Dr Sue Hall/ Eardley


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